The process of commissioning a custom painting from me is kept as personal as possible. I’ve gathered a general guideline and information to help if you are interested to better understand the process. Although structured the same for every client and collector, it is individualized once we are in direct contact.

If you decide you would like move forward after reading through use the contact page to message me with the amount of subjects you would like to have painted so I can give you canvas options and exact quotes. Pricing is based on canvas size and type as well as the amount of subjects. The minimum cost being $300 for a 1 subject 18"x24" pet or human portrait on 1" thick studio canvas. Smaller pet portraits can be available depending on my wait list at the time. Gallery style canvas is available at cost.

*All paintings will be done in my style that you can explore below and on the artist page*

While many of my commissions are pursued by the eventual subject(s) of the painting just as many are for others. Surprise paintings are very common for me. Gifted for birthdays, graduations, engagments, weddings, general friendship, just because and many more perfect celebrations of life. It can be intimidating to provide information for a gift painting but as long as reference photos are supplied and general information we can make sure the painting is everything they could ever want.

I require a deposit before sketching a concept for your painting. At least 50% of the total cost excluding shipping. This is to ensure your place in my commission schedule and commitment to the painting. With the deposit I request reference photos and a list of things each subject loves that you’d like possibly incorporated. If you have any specific ideas or requests, go for it! I can work with as little or as much information as you’d like to share.

Once a sketch is completed you will be able to requests changes if needed. Once you’ve approved the concept the rest of payment is required including shipping before I can start the actual painting.

When it comes to the timeline it is of course dependent on my wait list at the time and deadline requests. When we are in contact please do let me know if there is a specific deadline needed and if not I will share the current timeline expectations.

I look forward to possibly working with you

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page!

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